European universities of the Coimbra Group offer grants for short-term visits of young professors and researchers from certain regions.


The aim of the scheme is to enable professors and researchers to undertake research at a Coimbra Group host institution in the field in which they specialize in their home university, and to help them establish sustainable academic and research links.

Grants offered by KU Leuven

KU Leuven takes part in the scholarship programme and offers the following grants:

  • for African postdoctoral professors or researchers: 3 grants for a period of 2 or 3 months
  • for Latin American postdoctoral professors or researchers: 3 grants for a period of 2 or 3 months

KU Leuven scholarships include:

  • a monthly allowance
  • office space (shared with others)
  • computer access
  • library access.

No travel expenses will be reimbursed. The scholarships are incompatible with other daily or monthly scholarships/grants/allowances.

Eligibility criteria

Candidates should have obtained their PhD degree before applying.

The specific conditions for each region can be consulted on the Coimbra Group website.

How to apply

Applicants should complete the online application form on the Coimbra Group website; when applying, they should have the following documents at their disposal:

  • their CV
  • a research proposal
  • an invitation letter from their KU Leuven host professor

Calls and deadlines

The call for applications for the 2017-2018 academic year is open.

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ROGER DILLEMANS FUND at KU Leuven University in Belgium



Internationalization is an integral part of the university’s threefold mission, which it supports and stimulates: education, research and social service.

Scholarships for developing-world students in Leuven who are already a KU Leuven alumnus.


For the 2018-2019 academic year scholarships will be granted to developing-world students who are a KU Leuven alumnus and have obtained a first master’s degree from KU Leuven and would like to continue their studies with a second (60 ECTS) master’s degree at KU Leuven University, or to KU Leuven students currently enrolled in the first phase of their 120 ECTS Master looking for funding of the final phase.


Each applicant must:

  • Be from one of the following developing countries:
    • Africa: Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Mali, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe.
    • Asia: Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Laos, Nepal, Palestine, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam.
    • Latin America: Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala, Guyana, Haiti, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay.
  • Be a KU Leuven alumnus
  • Have an initial master’s degree from KU Leuven or be currently enrolled in the first phase of a KU Leuven Master
  • Have excellent study results: minimum 68% overall (cum laude)



Students interested in a scholarship from the Roger Dillemans Fund should follow this procedure:

  • Be admitted to the Master’s Programme of their choice via the Application Procedure of the KU Leuven Admissions Office in case you will start a new Master programme next academic year.
  • Please also send an e-mail to Mathias Groenweghe that you are applying for a Roger Dillemans Fund scholarship, including your motivation and transcript of all the marks obtained at KU Leuven.
  • Your reference letter should be sent directly by your referee to Mathias Groenweghe. Please note that only KU Leuven referees are accepted.
  • Fill out the application form (available from 1 February 2018).

The deadline for submission is 31 March 2018. Candidates will be evaluated based on their motivation and past studies.


The Scholarship includes:

  • € 8,600.00/year living expenses
  • Tuition fee waiver
  • Affiliation with a Belgian Health Insurance Company
  • Third Party Liability Insurance
  • May 2018: selected students will be informed by e-mail or regular mail
  • October 2018: grant of the scholarship
  • Spring 2019: the Roger Dillemans Fund scholarships are officially granted
Selection commission

The meetings of the selection commission are private. Members of the jury are:

  • Vicerector Student Affairs: prof. Chantal Van Audenhove
  • Vicerector Educational Policy: prof. Tine Baelmans
  • Prof. Koen Van Balen, Department of Civil Engineering, for the Engineering and Technology Group
  • Prof. Paul Schotsmans, full professor Faculty of Medicine and programme director of the IU POC Master of Bioethics of the Faculty of Medicine, for the Biomedical Sciences Group
  • Prof. Luk Draye, for the Humanities and Social Sciences Group
  • Mr Jan De Vriendt, director Student Services
More information

KU Leuven – Leuvens Universiteitsfonds – Leuven University Fund
Marlies Vanderbruggen

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